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Recipe Conversion to Formulas


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Ok, I'm know many of you know how to do this, but at the moment, my mind is on strike. How do you trun a recipe with weights into a formula w/percentages? I'm not talking about soaps or anything specific, just in general. I'm playing around with several different recipes, but when all is said & done, I want to be able to turn them into formulas.


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add up the weight of each component to get the total weight. then divide each component weight by the total. you will get a decimal. move the decimal point two places to the right to get a % (i.e., multiply by 100).

For example

A 30 grams

B 40 grams

C 15 grams

30+40+15 = 85 grams.

For A: 30/85 = 0.35 = 35%

For B: 40/85 = 0.47 = 47%

For C: 15/85 = 0.18 = 18%

Total 100%

There are online calculators but it's really important to get this stuff.

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:bow: :bow: :bow:


I know there are calulators out there, but just like you said, I'd rather know first hand. :) You never know when the computer will crash. LOL!

ETA - thanks for reading through my typos & grammer mistakes. Wonky day so far.

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