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Which are YOUR top 5 fragrances from Peak's? Just curious .....I just ordered 32 different fo's some I have tried and loved, some ...well alot.... are new ones and I'm sure new favorites!!! Some I have been wanting to try for years!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Caramel apple and creme brulee!!!! My top 2 right now.... also liked vanilla mint..... and tall grass....

But like I said..come next week I am sure I am gonna have a ton of new faves!:rolleyes2

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Top Sellers:

Amish Harvest

Blueberry Muffin

Cool Citrus Basil

Coconut Banana Blast ( we renamed Monkey Farts)

Patchouli (also the easiest Patchouli I found to wick)

My favorites are:

Birds of Paradise

Brown Sugar & Fig

Mediterranean Fig

Wild Mountain Honey

Vanilla Passion

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Well my top 5 seller from Peak's is

Asian Sandalwood

Black Canyon


Vanilla Mint

Sweet Pea

Now my top favs are


vanilla mint

brown sugar and fig

coconut lime verbena

Lemon Pound cake

Hey Vicky!

I ordered Asian sandalwood amd brown sugar and fig to try, along with a bunch of others! lol

I'm excited to try blackberry tea, black raspberry vanilla,french vanilla and amber,ginger passion,grandma's eggnog,green clover and aloe, maple and brown sugar, med fig, pink sugar,rasberry truffle, sage and lemon grass, warm vanilla sugar and summer orange flower!

I have heard great reveiew on so many for such a long time and finally could order them!!!

WOOHOO! I can't wait..should be here any day now I'd imagine!!

Now where is that drooling smiley?lol

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Top 5

Amish Harvest

Lavender (though people keep saying Tassi Lavender at SS is better, I stay with this.)

Eucalyptus (cuz it's strong)

Black Raspberry Vanilla


Strawberry Kiwi, Spring Rain and Sweet Pea

Those would be the top/top sellers I suppose

Now my favs:

Red Clove

Cinnamon Balsam

Vanilla Hazelnut

Botanical Orchard & Nectar

Country Berry Hotcakes

Cranberry Citrus (very nice in soap so far lol)

Better make sure to get you some French Vanilla & Amber.

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I had to get in on this one.

Must haves for me:

Bayberry - the best I have smelled. I like it all year round.

Blueberry Muffin - awesome hot and cold throw. Fooled myself one time that I was acutally baking them...lol

Sweet Pumpkin Spice - great fall scent. My favorite pumpkin

Hazelnut Capp. - so a good one, throws great

White Tea & Ginger - does not disappoint

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