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ceramic mug and jar?

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I purchased a few of the ceramic holiday jars from Candles and Supplies a couple years ago.Also get the decorative ceramic coffee mugs from Wal Mart.They don't seem to sell.People want the basic and not decoration but i do notice that the ceramic turns black with the candle burning. So now I don't want to be different or decorative. Might need to stick with my glass jars that burn clean.

Does the ceramic do this with any of you?? and If so what can I do to correct it. Never happens in glass but the ceramic it is bad.About ready forget this altogether.I do the pumpkin glass candles and one lady loves those and buys but those are glass.


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If you mean they get soot on them from the wick too large and FO overload that can usually be just washed off with soap and water.

I use ceramic coffee cups and that does not happen to me except for sooting up once in a while. I have never had it turn black and stay black.

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