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cocoa butter body butter


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I'm one of those people who use a 'cheat' with emulsified lotions/butters - but I like the feel of the end product so much better than using e-wax and stearic... here goes...

Cocoa Butter 10%

Olive Oil 5%

cyclomethicone 1%

preservative .5%

FO 1% (can use up to 3% - reduce from water)

Fantasy Creme Maker (from oregon trail soaps) 4%

Distilled Water 78.5%

The longer it sets the stiffer it gets (from the cocoa butter). It's just a luxurious body butter - and you feel the effects all day long.

Hope you like it.

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Thanks for the recipe! I haven't made body butter before but I do have all those ingredients. I've seen people mention heating and holding to a certain temperature for awhile for lotion. Does this have to be done that way?


Yes, you must heat your distilled water to 176 degrees and hold at that temperature for 20 mins. This to make sure you kill all bacteria if any is present so that it does not grow in your finished product. Although I can never get 176 so I heat to 190 and hold there.

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