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New batches (Pix heavy)


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OK doing this to keep notes for the time being and to date the soaps lol.

All are Southern Soaper scents and all of them moved on me with a slight discount (33 on soapcalc) and cool temps. Yeah I'm sorta sniffling. The Beguiled one is really a surprisingly pretty fragrance and I probably should have made more, but didn't. Dang near out of gold mica (which will ween me off the bling soaps, sorta. I found some various silvers and some bronze to play with lol.) This batch has TD in it and I know that green is already lighter. Really hope the brown looking (supposed to be red) color on the bottom becomes red (and not magenta, but a magenta would work too, I suppose.)


Stonehenge Runes. I think I like this better in the bottle ha ha. It's quite oakmossy, but I am looking for it to tame itself (like the patch honey did.) It looks reddish (which that's supposed to be like various purples and a blue.) I'd like for the colors to come through and it'll probably be butt ugly with the sparkling bronze lol. We'll see. I happen to think it looks freaking cool right now.


Did some hooha. Very fresh and pine. You won't be able to see the two different greens and what was supposed to be brown (but turned some mauvy purple).


And then there was stonewashed denim. My God is it ever fresh. Trying to regroup over it lol. No sparklies in it, because if it were to be a guy scent, which we'd probably promo as such, I don't think a guy wants to glisten even slightly unless he's into sweat.

Anyway ... Three different colors of blue in this and my bet is it will come out with two types of blues. I'll be surprised if three show up.


And last, Dragonfly Moon from two nights ago. Rockin appears to really like this scent and for awhile I was thinking it would compliment Flowerbomb (I was high on FO, OK?) They aren't similar. Took a slight discount on this one too and had some movement, but I think the electric kiwi helps it.







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Thanks! We don't have brown on the bottom of the first one, but I'm not sure what the color could be called ... tomato soup red maybe?

Well looks like I need to come to your house & play. They look good.

When ya coming! I'm running out of play room though lol.

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Please tell us what colors you used in the first soap Pretty Please!!!

I like them all but I love the yellow, Green and Gold in the first one.


I used Select Shades Lemon, apple green pop and some 24K gold. Gonna say that the FO initially turns the batch yellow and appears to have gone to white (used TD though).

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They all look gorgeous! And I love your Stonehenge Runes :) Keep us updated on the color!

Well it's kind of a purple red and at first I thought the bronze disappeared, but maybe not. I will probably cut it tomorrow. I didn't force a gel on any of these so the longer it sits the less I curse lol.

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