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help for double wicking

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I have never tried this before but I just want to see the results and need some help.If you are using an lx 18 in a 3" diameter container and you want to use 2 wicks do you wick down or just use 2 lx 18's? I am not having a problem wicking my container I just want to learn more about double wicking.


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I wick a 3-1/2" jar with (2) LX8's and heavier scents with (2) LX10's. The LX12's always seemed to soot and create ugly mushrooms cause it was too big. I don't get a clean to the sides burn till about the 3rd time, but it does catch up. It burns clean, no soot and 1/4 to 1/2" melt pool. Depending on your wax and scents, start with the smaller wicks and work up. Good luck!! :cool2:

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