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Need help understanding.....


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Hi guys,

Can someone explain to me the differences between oxides and ultramirines? Is one better than the other?

I bought 3 x ultramrines (pink, blue and purple)...what do I mix them with before adding the batter?

Can I mix utltramiarines and oxides together???

Hopeless, I know....just when you think you have this soapmaking down pat...you want to try something else. I guess that's why I am ADDICTED...hehehhee

Cheers guys,


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Oxides and ultramarines are mineral colors. You can do it a couple of different ways.

1. You can mix with a bit of glycerin to make a concentrated liquid and then add to your batch. This is how I started. Or..

2. You can seperate out the batter you plan to color (in a pyrex or bowl) and add in small amount...hit it with a stick blender. This is what I do now. As long as you use the SB you shouldn't have any problems getting it mixed in. HTH


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I usually mix the colorants with a bit of oil and then stick blend them with the soap I want to color. Or if I'm coloring a whole batch, sometimes I've been known to mix the ultramarines with my goatsmilk powder and its corresponding water because I stick blend that too and then it's one less step and one less container.

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Thankyou so much for your replies. I am wanting to do swirls.....about 1kg of soap ...have no idea what that is in ounces perhaps around 30? smallish batch anyway.

ANy idea on how much I should use just as a starting point?



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