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Frosting and Fading

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I am renting space in a retail store for my candles. I didn't go for 2 weeks, I was shocked when I got there and found really ugly candles. They were either faded or badly frosted, hard to tell. My space is right under a big fluorescent light. I took 3/4 of them home and have been melting them down in the oven, 150 degrees then cooling in the oven, they are coming out great, like they should look. My question is what I have left to do is one or two of all different fragrances, if I put them in the oven at the same time will they take on the fragrance of the other candles? So far I have just had the same fragrance in at a time. And should I melt them down more than once? I use GB 415 and am now using

UV Protector. I will appreciate any help. Thanks

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Nanny ~ Hate to say this, but the frosting will most likely come back, even on the ones you are putting in the oven..

I found when testing with UV, it helps a bit, but the frosting and fading will still come ALIVE!!:shocked2:

Especially if you are set up underneath the fluorescent lighting.:sad2:

I would find a space that limits the amount of sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

You could also display your candles in gift boxes/chipboard boxes.

The boxes will help with frosting and fading..


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Certain fragrance oils change color more than others also. I was in a store but out of the sun, but the flourescent lights faded sone.

Now with the frosting on soy, there are some soys that are less prone to frosting.

Karen M

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Islandgirl, does it usually come back right away? The space I have is all that is available to me, going to have to go with it. I hope the UV helps some.

Sometimes is does, and other times it takes awhile. Soy is very unpredictable when it comes to frosting. Just when you think you conquered it.. the frost shows up again..

(Some say they have conquered frosting, but not me...:rolleyes2)

*You can always put a sign up at your display explaining that frosting is a natural characteristic of soy wax. That is does not effect the scent throw or burning properties of you candle... :cheesy2:

BCN's UV does work but it is expensive and you have to use a lot. Not cost effective for me.

Agreed... It does work for the most part, put you really have to load it up. I did not have much luck with, to make it worth my while to use.:sad2:

Maybe start with some not colored and see how they do. although BC's blueberry muffin turns really yellow under light with no color.

The Countryberry Hotcakes will also turn florescent yellow!! As yellow as this little face!!:shocked2:

Certain fragrance oils change color more than others also. I was in a store but out of the sun, but the fluorescent lights faded some.

Now with the frosting on soy, there are some soys that are less prone to frosting.Yeppers.. When I first started, I used the EZ Soy and I had horrible frosting problems and fading. I found it to be to unpredictable and it drove me nuts.:tiptoe:

I mix my soys now and went dye free.

Which has helped a lot.

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Hello Nanny,

Unfortunately, I went thru the same delamas as you and hate to say it, but the frosting will be back and probably right back immediately... that is for sure....The fading might come back after a while but I use the Bittercreek uv and it works wonderful...I would definitely add the uv stabelizer...I love Bittercreeks and what a difference it made in my candles! The uv stabelizer did not help any frosting isssues with me what so ever and as much as I put out signs explaining the nature of frosting and it just being a characteristic for customers to see, it bothered me immensely and just couldn't stand what they looked like! You don't know how many candles I would bring back from my shop and other shops that my candles are in and melt them down, bring them back the next day, and then walk back in the following day to see the ugly frosting! I have gone with no dye now and JUST LOVE IT......

Florescent lights are a killer....But you really shouldn't have a problem once you use the uv stabelizer....

Know you probably hate seeing this, but hope this helps a little.


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Thank you, I am going to put up a sign for sure, also going to change jars. I have been using the 10oz Victorian. It is square and has the flat, clear surface that really shows the frosting.

Thanks again, Nanny

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