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So excited~

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After years of withdrawal..lol..I am FINALLY going to be back!!!

We just moved into our new house and I have my own little candle room!!!!(Nothing too big or fancy ...but it will work! )

I just have to finish setting up and get an electrician in to put an outlet for my stove in the basement.

I just ordered a bunch of fo from Peaks (how I miss the fo's.....)

and am going to sample a bunch that I have yet to try....of course Creme Brulee was a 1 lb ....Mmmmmmmm!

Does anyone know of anyone who does designing and printing of labels? (Kraft) I had a a girl a few years ago but I have sent her a few messages and no replies as of yet...so I am keeping an eye out..... any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have customers already waiting for me to get back up and running again ...so I am going to be in dire need of my labels!!!:lipsrseal

Anyway...it's nice to be back!:P

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EXCELLANT !!! after a long break myself .. i'm finally getting back to candle making an now going to dabble back into soaps ..

I have my kitche stove coming down in the basement .. huby is getting a new one an forbids me in the kitchen for candle making .. so i told him to bring the old one down here an make that my workshop .. works for me :yay: lol


Lisa makes AWESOME lables

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