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Mason Jars, Fillmore Cont.

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I am looking to get some 8 oz square and some 16 oz square mason jars. I am wanting a nice shiney black lid to go with them. I found the 8 oz jars at JBN that has the lid I want but they do not have the 16 oz jars. My question is will the lids that fit the 8 oz fit the 16 oz too?

I also found both the size jars at Fillmore but can't find the shiney black lid I want at Fillmore. Does anyone know if this lid http://www.fillmorecontainer.com/product.asp?deptID=2&sku=RC%2D38B&sID=18UTVA08GX469JHV3RR2W1121X8LCPKC will fit both size containers? They have one black lid that says it will fit it button it has a button on it.

I also found this jar and lid at Candle Soylutions, which is a tad different lid then the others but I like it. http://www.candlesoylutions.com/closeup.asp?cid=13&pid=641&offset=0 They are way more expensive on the jars though then Fillmore. Anyone know where I can get these cheaper?

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