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Scented Sugar Cookie Charm Bracelet


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This is my first time posting in the "crafty" section, so I hope this goes over well!

I've been dabbling around with Polymer Clay and just started selling them. So i guess i wanted to show my labor of love to people that would appreciate it!

It's a Sugar Cookie with creamy Pink Icing and it is scented Sugar Cookies! Trust me it smells like it's freah out the oven!

Thanks for letting me share!:o :whistle:



Also this is a Cupcake Charm Bracelet scented Mango Sorbet!


And a Ice Blue Berry Donut!


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Thank you!!!

Yes just put the scented ones in my shop and I have a few other ones too!

I have a 5 year old so she tells me what she likes to wear and i just do it!

http://anitacraftycreations.etsy.com is my shop. Its nothing major, lol but i like it!

Now those are super adorable. Are you selling them? I know my granddaughter would love them. Let me know.
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I have two teenage girls and I'm thinking this would be a nice present for them. Could you do a custom Etsy listing for two of the same? It won't be for a while yet, but I think those are too cute. I may even get my 4 yr old girl one.....so make that 3 bracelets in one listing.....:whistle: Can it be done?

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I actully have been working on a special formula for scenting the clay and so far it's worked. I'm sorry to tell you that i'm just not ready to give up my formula just yet.

I feel really bad when people ask me how to do it, but i'm sure it's understood to why i can't reveal it as of now.

hope you understand :embarasse (whole heartedly do not want to come off mean or snobby)


PS thanks for all the love on the jewelry!

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