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candle scents (burn question)

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I am testing several scents from several different companies and what I'm finding is that on the 3rd or 4th burn I don't notice the scent as much.Is this normal or maybe it's "candlenose"?I am using paraffin and they look and burn beautiful they just seem to lose their throw after a while.I am using 1 oz per #.

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hi there,

i'm new to this myself, but a problem I found was wick choice. I found at the start that on 2nd or 3rd test burn my flame wasn't as good, and therefore my hot throw wasn't as good. I fixed this by going up a wick.

Dont know if this is relevant or not, but you could try it.


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I assume that you read the good discussion about evaluating scent throw below:


I'm gonna go out on a limb and vote for candlenose. It pays to have a trusted friend evaluate your candles also, or invite them to come visit when you are testing and cannot smell and see if they remark on how the house is FILLED with fragrance (or not)...

However, if the candle isn't wicked properly, it may simply be having trouble several burns into the test. Would need more info as to what occured in the previous burns (did you achieve FMP on the first or second burn, etc.) as to whether you might need to wick up or down one... both too much and too little wick can have a direct bearing on scent throw.

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I am getting a FMP on all burns(so excited).I'll try again with a different scent-I was using rasberry vanilla by Peak.Do you reall think it could be the wick since I'm getting a beautiful FMP right from the 1st burn.I am test burning for about 3.25 hrs each time and not relighting until the next day.

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