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Request for apothecary jar users.........

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I have been trying on and off to wick a 16 oz apothecary jar for a while (3-3/4 wide). I use soy and have tried many types of wick and sizes but end up with torches or flames that look like they will fizzle out even though there is a big pool. I have read on here that others have trouble with this jar as well...some have had success with single wick but seems most use double wick.

But, so many people sell these that obviously a lot of people are having success.

So my question is for those of you who do sell these...... do you happen to have a photograph of how your successful candle should look when it is about halfway down. I would love to see how your flames/pool look.

Did that make sense.....? Just wonder if I am worrying over nothing. I have bought a few other people's candles, and I do find that they have big melt pools and maybe I am just worrying to much, as we all have done.

Type of wax wicks doesnt matter, just would like to see how it looks.



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Hi Kathy,

I don't have any pictures of my apothecary jars, but I can describe how they look. 9 times out of 10 my jars will have a quarter to a half inche melt pool half way down, there will be no hangup on the jars and my wicks will have a very average small to medium flame.

I use 2 cd 8's most of the time to wick my apothecary jars. Once in awhile I'll have to wick up, but I've never been able to wick down. The jars are no hotter than any other candle jar I've bought from others.


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