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need help


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Hello to all

I would like to make these. Could you tell me the amount needed for both don't understand the % and how much will it make.

Thanks alots

Stretchmarks or Cracked Nipples

cocoa butter

apricot kernel oil

calendula extract

neroli, lavender, rosewood eos

(fiddle with the %s on this one - maybe start with 50% cocoa, 40% AKO, 9 % calendula, 1% eos)


Vit E


olive oil

avocado oil

wheat germ oil

mandarin, palmarosa, lavender eos

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well for a balm I'd try about 60% butter/40% oils. But if someone is nursing I wouldn't recommend her using cocoa butter - but that's just me. And DEFINITELY not sweet almond oil. and I personally do not recommend EOs or any scented product on the nipples of a nursing mom.

it will make however much YOU make.

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