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zinc wick fixing off center burn

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Hi. I made a 3" pillar of mottling wax with 5% FO and some stearic. It was weepy for a bit but looks rather neat now (I think). Haven't ever used a zinc wick, but put one in this and found one good thing about them...you can just give it a slight push if the melt pool is off center and it will stay. Most of the other wicks would give me an uneven pool and would always go back to uneven no matter how much I tried to man handle it. On the third burn and did trim, but not a big shroom and only smoked when I moved it across the room. Do any of you use zinc in pillars? TIA. Beth

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Yes, the zinc does hold it in place, but for some reason, (possibly just a snicker off center?) it was burning just a tad to one side more than the other. I've tried the twist and maybe didn't get it quite right as usually the pool was usually fairly off center. Maybe I didn't have enough patience to see if it would catch up. These picts make it look crooked, but it is just camera angle. This is after about 3 1/2 hours on the third burn. Beth



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