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SS FM&G, Gypsy Rose cuts


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Well mercy. The GR went bright on me inside, but nothing that spectacular with the inside design. There are some interesting bars, one with a pterydactl (is that the spelling?) and a long horn supported by a shoe, but most just look like funky, thick gold necklaces. I'm not thinking the magenta color is what I want for the scent. Maybe there will be a next time.


Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold

Poured two ways into the mold and think it looks like grains of color separated by a gold band. Definitely need to find a name for this, because it's too long lol.


And I do like it without doing anything to the gold. Seems there were parts of the gold I didn't touch.


Colors were purple and blueberry pop and 24K gold.




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