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Container Candle...YAY

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I know this will not be a big deal to all of you professionals, BUT TO ME...HUGE!!!

I finally made 4 container candles with no spots on the side of 3 of them. WOO HOO! My husband said I think these are the best candles you have made.

I had to come here and jump for joy! WOOOOO HOOOOO

*getdown* :bliss: :whoohoo: *super banana* :yay::D

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Wouldn’t you know that the one that did have the spots on the side has the best throw! I used Peaks Cornucopia on that one. The other three I used Peaks Cappuccino Hazelnut Coffee and have never had a strong throw with that one, but BOY do they look pretty! WOOO HOOO

I will be taking a photo tomorrow and re-learning how to add a photo to this site...I am RUSTY!

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