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Food Scents for BB?


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I'm not a foody type FO person too... but occassionally, I get a wild hair up my ya-know-what to use these types in BB.

My favorites are:

Lemon Pound Cake (yummy with a tad bit of almond mixed in)

Anything Pumpkin (very comforting to me)

Chocolate (either Chocolate Truffle/Chocolate Serendipity from SS-I use it plain or mixed with either a little bit of mint, orange, strawberry, or coconut)

Oatmeal and Honey (mixed in with a little sweet vanilla makes it extra yummy)

Gingerbread (more for the holidays, but mighty yummy year round in scrubs)

Pistachio Dream Cake- from BW. Oh man. Smells soooo good in scrubs. VERY delish.

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Gotta agree about pumpkin.

Pretty much not into foodies, but wonder how Z liked the tiramisu she did last year.

I guess I just wouldn't walk around smelling edible, but it's not me who has to make that choice. Brooklyn Biscotti was very nice in soap. Sweet Dreams wasn't bad either. I'm sure you can find the biscotti in other places, but that sweet dreams I dunno. Look for warm and caramel.

How about a vanilla hazelnut. Would that qualify as food? Smells like those great waffle cones lol.

Chocolate stuff I suppose. Course CBE and Chris R did some dynamite stuff with chocolate.

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Scent Works' London Lemon Curd is my all-time favorite. OMG that one sends me over the moon! Pink Sugar is another fave, especially in sugar scrubs--just seems to fit and the aroma is fab. Don't care much for the "bakery" aromas in B&B stuff.

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I just love BW Pink Chocolate in my B&B products. To me, it smells of victorian rose and chocolate....I just love this one!

Haven't really tried too many other bakery types though.

I can't get into putting cinabuns on me just yet...LOL But, maybe I will try something pumpkin:smiley2: !


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Some of my favorites:

BCS Red Velvet Cake :drool:

NG Mrs. Claus Cookies

NG Ginger Peach

Daystar Milk Sugar Kisses

Daystar Buttercream Frosting (this blends well with lots of other scents for yummy foody combos)

GL Chocolate Latte

GL Creme Brulee

Daystar Brown Sugar

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What about Tony's frosted pink cupcake? That might go over well.

Would say that Day-Star's Baies Fouettes sounds really good; Creme de la Creme (is totally yummy); Lemon Sugar & Candied Violets (w/ your creative mind you can come up with something better lol); Tres Magnifique (is really a good FO from there too) along with that Vanilla Delicious.

TCS' Sangria Cobbler was good, but dang if they don't have it any more; mango raspberry ice sounds good.

Apple, Jack & Peel I'd probably slather on ... stuff is still good in soap lol.

Fairy Garden (Flickers -- lot of grape, but don't kids like grape?)

You wanted beside black raspberry vanilla and blackberry musk and strawberry musk right?

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Thanks for some great ideas. I carry the basics, BRV, PS, C&BS, OMH, LLC, a few cookie scents and just brought on birthday cake and DS's blackberry jam butter cookie. Seems like BB in my area is demanding more food scents lately. I have some of Wendy's VBN, I use that as well. I guess it's time to start ordering and testing some of these out.

Does a real chocolate scent even exist out there?

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