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Gell Iluminations sm. FO great/larger bottle no throw?


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Several years ago I order small tester size bottle of FO from this company and several tested very well, good throw. So I ordered large bottle of those FO. This was all in a 2 week time period, total of 3 16oz FO's. I made a big mistake and didn't re-test the new FO's. I wrongly assumed that since it was only a matter of 2 weeks the FO's would produce the same scent throw. I made a lot of candles using the same % of FO, same wicks from the same package, same wax from the same case that I had previously tested the small sample size FO's. I sold the candles and didn't have any repeat orders from those scents. One day I decided to burn one of the candles in my home and there was NO scent throw. I had cold throw but absolutely no hot throw. I called one of my customers that had purchased some of the candles made with GL FO's to asked how she liked them. She told me that she just didn't want to complain but some of the candles didn't have any scent throw. The ones she mentioned were the ones made with GI FO's:embarasse . I had one candle left that was made with the sample size FO that had enough for a couple of hours burn time. I re-lit it and I had good hot throw. So something definitely changed between the small sample size and the larger FO. I don't know if they started diluting the larger batches, changed supplier or what but there was certainly a difference. I didn't complain to the company, I should have but I just never ordered from them again. I read that someone else had this same type of complaint with there being a difference between the small sample FO and the larger ones purchased from this company. So I know it's not just me that this happened to. Has anyone here ordered in the past(last year) and ordered again recently? I am just wondering if things have changed.

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