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What is the difference between CP & CPOP


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I know what the methods are is there a difference in texture etc?

The reason I am asking is I made a batch about two weeks ago (CP) no zap, reading ph7 but my hands feel tight when I use it. So after doing some reading I found out that CP needs at least 4 weeks to mellow. I was wondering if I could use the same recipe that I used for CP for CPOP and I would get quicker results regarding the tightness? I hope that makes sense (it does in my head :o )

One more question for those who line their molds and do CPOP can u use painters drop sheets(the thin ones) in the oven at 170 temp? Is Pam cooking spray ok in oven too?

Thanks so much for helping. :wink2:

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I do all of my batches CPOP with the exception of my goat's milk soap. CPOP is somewhat combining the CP & HP methods because you are cooking it to force a complete gel sooner. You can use CPOP sooner, shouldn't get the tightness, but I still cure mine for a min. of 4 weeks to make the bars harder.

As for a liner, I just use wax paper. Have been using it for a couple of years now and it works great for me. I put it in at 170 for 2-3 hours depending on how soon it reaches full gel. Some FO's gel quicker than others. Pull it out and let it sit until the next day, cut and cure. HTH


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I am not a fan of CPOP, I got lots of little bubbles on top and had problems with overheating. A good water discount and waiting six weeks will give you nice, firm soap. I don't see that you can speed the process; HP is ready for immediate use but is too soft until it gets a good cure as well.

Bottom line, CPOP created more problems for me than it solved, but that's just my experience.


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