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Question about CP soap Shreads?


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Does anyone sell them...

I don't make lots of soap...

And I just got some soap colors, so it would take me

along time to accumulate them..

I would love to have some bright colored shreads..

I really love the way soapfreaks looked..

If there is someone that has some...PM..me

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I do it a couple of ways. Sometimes I make a batch of soap specifically to just use for chunks or curls. You can split it up into several different colors even if you do a 1.5lb batch.

Or other times, which usually works best for me, make a larger batch of soap than normal and take the extra and color it to get it ready for your next batch.

Also a quicker and super easy way to get some color in your soap is to get some MP. Make a bunch of colors and just keep them on hand for when you are ready to soap. Again you can curl it, chunk it, whatever you want. I mix CP with MP all the time and it works out fine.

HTH :)

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