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Oil warmer ?

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I want to know this as well. I am about ready to start testing oils and have no idea what would be considered good -- time wise for the scent to last. People will start comparing them to other companies they have used for great warming oils, and I would want to match up. I have never even bought oil to use in a warmer from anywhere before.

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:laugh2: I knew I should be disappointed 2 hours after I started it up it was pretty much dead. :D Back to square one. Off to try a different combo.

I use undiluted FO in my electric oil warmer that has a dimmer (so I can control the heat). 2 dropperful (2 ml) of FO with the dimmer set on low will last me a whole day. When the scent starts to fade and I still have some oil in the glass plate, I increase the light intensity which also increases the scent throw. I love it this way.

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