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Melt good, no 'shroom, high flame

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I'm using 4630 wax, Peak's Coconut Lime Verbena at 6%, and HTP and LX wicks, in a 4oz jelly jar. I'm already down to lx8 and htp 41. There is no smoke, no mushroom, but a flame which starts out nice but just keeps getting taller toward the bottom of the jar. I'm afraid to wick down anymore for fear of no melt. Should I cut back on the FO or try a different wax? I have J50. Any input appreciated.

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I agree on the smaller wick...sounds like your wax is evaporating quickly leaving a lot of wick out the top so the flame keeps getting taller...the further it gets down into the jar the hotter the wax gets...the faster it evaporates.

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