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Best Marshmallow F.O. for B&B

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I'm looking for a straight marshmallow fragrance without any toasted notes for bath and body products ( perfume, sugar scrub, lotion, bath creamc shampoo, conditioner). I've already got a sample from Daystar on it's way. I was especially curious about Taylored Concepts or Flicker's Marshmallow.

Thanks for any help! :)


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I love Soap Silly's marshmallow. Hands down the "best" one out there. I've not tried Daystar's marshmallow but knowing Stacy, it's dynamite. I do like Marshmallow Madness by Lonestar and Just Scent. These two are not as sweet as SS's version. I did not like Taylored Concepts marshmallow.


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Bumping This

Has anyone tried Berts Marshmallow??

I think the best Marshmallow for Wax is KY Marshmallow

Best light realistic Marshmallow Soap Silly Marshmallow

2nd strong Marshmallow would be Lonestar if I could not get KY

I found Just Scent to smell more like sugar cookie, smells awesome though just not Marshmallow to my nose

I am thinking of trying Berts hoping someone has tried it, is a strong oil, or a light Marshmallow sniff.


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Lol Goweezergirl

I actually do that for body creams, I just dont' add much of Kentucky because it has a slight bubble gum ish note in B&B but in Tarts it is the absolute best, has great throw

I will never be without it..

Nobody has tried Berts Marshmallow, I saw a post that it was good. I'm real curious

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