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Candle Bangles?

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Go to Fire Mountain http://www.firemountaingems.com/ they have some basic instruction on jewelry making all you are really doing in making jewelry for a jar. You need to learn how to make jewelry. There is a lot of books on the market for making jewelry.

I personally agree with Chris those look tacky but I see people buy stuff like that all the time. Just because that look does appeal to me doesn't mean it won't appeal to others.

I have seen some really nice stuff done I seen a chain ones once that were amazing they were a simple design, chain in a diamond pattern with a gemstone at the cross section it gave the jar an elegant look. I have also seen some really nice stuff done with sead beads other ones made with charms.

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I don't like those either. I bought a bunch of just plain stretchy braclets with nice stuff hanging from them. They looked classy, but the customer thought they went with the candle. They didn't want to pay for them. I never sold any of them. And they looked a lot better than those.

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