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A Pillar blend Comparable to Ecosoya PB

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HI! I currently use Ecosoya Pillar blend and as everything it jumped up in price. So the others are still in the 50 range. But I wanted to see if anyone found something similiar so I have a starting point. Thanks a bunch. Lisa:wink2:

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Which ones are in the $50 range? I tried Accusoy 24 and loved my first pillar, it was very similar to EPB, then I made a couple more only to have huge cracks in them.

I have used Stahl and Pitsch which is very inexpensive and great shipping if you are in the west. But I feel its melt point is a little low for my warmer climate here. It doesn't wick the same as EPB, it burns more like a paraffin pillar wax.

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I wish someone would have gave you an answer to your question cuz thats what I'm up against right now. My local dealer doesn't handle the ecosoya pb anymore and I was looking for something else that would be just as good for my tarts. I only used that for my tars and sell many. Did you happen to find any wax close to the ecosoya pb yet?

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