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Soap Silly Scents

Tina J

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I received my order from Soap Silly a few days ago and just got a chance to try out a few of the scents. I made everything into lotion or body butter.

Pink Buttercream Frosting - WOW!! So yummy!

Raspberry Crumb Cake - Like BBW Black Raspberry Vanilla but with a yummy, slightly spicy cake note added to it.

Hamakua Banana - The most realistic banana I've ever smelled.

Apple Strudel - Perfect. Smells more realistic than the "Hot Baked Apple Pie" scent that everyone else has out there.

That's all I've tried so far.

I also want to add that I know some people have had bad luck with Soap Silly, but I received my order very quickly. It was accurate and well packed, and I got SEVERAL free samples! I will definitely order again!

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I must agree with you. It seems that Soap Silly has turned the corner when it comes to shipping. Their oils are top notch in every application.

Oh don't tempt me! Hahaha.

I've been dying to try some oils from her. However, knowing that the past may repeat itself at any given time, I'll stick to the sidelines for a while. I am not patient when it comes to good customer service.

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I'm sorry but she lost all my future business with her bad business practices. No matter how much I LOVE her coconut FO, I just can't afford to lose money waiting for an order that may or may not come. If you check her Etsy feedback and the 'F' the BBB gave her, I'm not willing to order again. It's too bad cause I wanted more of her soap colors. It would be nice if she sold to someone who was reliable, as her excuses are getting pretty lame!! :tongue2:

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There's no doubt that she's got some great scents-her Marshmallow is fantastic, and the Hamaku Banana & Pineapple Fields are, too, but I agree w/ Chris-it's too risky ordering-I'll wait 'til she sells her oils/business to someone else. Really a shame.

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Thanks for the reviews.

I love soapsilly.

I have never had problems myself. I think I mentioned long ago that only one time my order was delayed.

I recently had the opp to speak with her before she closed. I really feel for her. She is a one woman biz, working from home, with children, a husband that works 14 hours a day and travels away from home, goes to school part time and has had a run of bad luck with her health, she's quite young too. She just had surgery last week on her shoulder from her car accident.

Anyways, she was really nice and answered my questions I had regarding phthalate free fragrances. We were on the phone for probably an hour.

Her marshmallow is the best.

BTW, I asked her if she was going to sell her biz with her closing it down for her surgery (I was a bit worried I might not see my beloved marshmallow again) and her response was a stern never, so I think you'll be waiting a really long time. That's ok, it just gives more for me to buy from her. :wink2: (hehe)

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