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F&M Color?

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What color would you make layered rustic Frankenscense & Myrrh? I usually don't color it since the oil is thick and yellowish colored when poured but since I have got to layer it can't make up my mind. Maybe different shades of brown & ivory?

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grama, you were on-target!

Many of us equate frankincense & myrrh with two of the three gifts of the Magi (the first was gold), so I wondered what color are F & M anyhoo... so I Googled and found a little info...

Frankincense is a very costly and fragrant gum distilled from a tree that is found in Persia, India and Arabia, as well as the East Indies. It is a white resin or gum, and is obtained by slitting the bark of the "Arbor Thurisfrom", and allowing the gum to flow out. The word actually means "whiteness", referring to the white colored juice which flows out of the wound in the tree. This gum hardens for three months, and is gathered at the end of the summer, and sold in the form of "tears", or clumps of hardened resin.

Another source said:

"Colors: White, pale lemon, pale amber, pale green, dark amber"

Then later on in the text it said:

"There are two kinds of resin that are generally recognized: "male" frankincense called zakana, which is deep yellow or reddish and "female" frankincense called kundura unsa, which is reddish-white, and pale in color. Female frankincense is the higher quality, more preferred resin."
Here's a photo of frankincense resin from Wikipedia...


So enough already about Frank, what about myrrh?

Myrrh is an aromatic gum produced from a thorn-bush that grew in Arabia and Ethiopia, and was obtained from a tree in the same manner as frankincense. This thorny tree, called "balsamodendron myrrha", is similar to the acacia. It grows from eight to ten feet high, and is thorny. When it oozes from the wounded shrub, myrrh is a pale yellow color at first, but as it hardens, it changes to dark red or even black color.
Here's a photo of myrrh resin from Wikipedia...


Below is a photo of both frankincense & myrrh resin granules from the earthshine site


The stuff looks like trail mix!! :laugh2:

So now we know!! :D Your instincts were on-target!!

Maybe I could still work purple into it if I kept it in a Crown Royal bag... :)

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Thanks Stella - that is very interesting. I had never looked it up. I just always remember it as a gift to the Baby Jesus and think of it more around Christmas time but I have several customers that want it year round. This was a new one though to make it rustic and layered so wasn't sure what colors would represent it best. Now we now:cool2:

Yeah - I always associate purple in the Bible to royalty and Jesus/God.

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It's not one of my favorites either but I have a lot of orders for it. Several customers burn it year round and I have 1 church that likes to always have pillars in this scent. Clove is another one I am not fond of but there again, you gotta give em what they want :D

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