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Has this ever happened to anyone?


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I've been pouring soaps for 4 years now...I buy my m*p base from WSP..always have...I can no longer cut my big block of soap without wearing gloves. I began noticing this about 6 months ago...I only use my own soap in the house and wash my hands like someone with OCD because I can't stand having oils on my hands..I've never had a problem and still don't with washing my hands..however, whenever I cut smaller blocks from the big block of soap base I buy, I get huge red welts on my hands and they itch like a SOB. I wasn't putting it together in the beginning because I would think I would also have a problem with the soaps I pour, especially because there's oils added to them..but it only happens with my hands when I'm cutting the base. Now I wear plastic gloves to avoid this..has anyone had a similar problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated..tia

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