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Citronella Help

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I want to make a citronella candle in a dollar store bucket, its a small one...4" dia. I did a search and found some interesting things. I will coat the seam with hodge podge like ppl said. If you wanted to scent it, do you just mix a fo in with the wax and citronella? And how much would you use and can you use any wax? I'm thinking I need 2 or 3 wicks for that size bucket, correct? If you were going to add 1oz of citronella and then fo, would you use 1/2oz of each? I didn't know there was so much to making a citronella candle, I hate the scent! I have made a few votives b4, but wanted to try something different. Thanks for all help I might get! :D

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You can use any container wax. I would go with either IGI-4636 or 4630. both give off a good scent throw. you could use either the htp 105 or lx 24 wicks. if youre going to mix, i would fo half of each. but you can even go up to 1 1/5 oz of fo, so maybe half citronella and 1 oz fo?

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