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beeswax prices

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Can those of you who make beeswax products or just add to soy tell me your average cost before shipping or pickup per pound? I am trying to decide if an in state supplier is priced well. I have looked at numurous sites (over a dozen to be more exact) and it is starting to look like a good price but I would still like a comparison. Please state if it is white or yellow, clean or needs cleaned, blocks or beads. That information would also help in my decision process.



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Candlewic has about the best prices for beeswax pastilles at $4.50/lb, or cheaper the more you buy. They also have white. Both are good, clean wax.

I personally get mine from a beekeeper in Wisconsin 50 lbs. at a time and I pay $3.85 for 1 lb. bars. :cool2:

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