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Soy Chunk Candles

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Hi I make chunky tarts and votives. I use the EcoSoya PB wax. What I do is I color my chunks and leave the overpour uncolored. They come out really nice and you can still see the chunks. Regina

I do the same. The darker your chunks, the better.

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I was also thinking about making soy chunk containers candles. I am thinking that I could still use the Eco PB for my chunks and then use a Pure Soy for my over pour and pour very low. What do you think? Or should I use a container wax for both chunks and overpour? Also I made a S'Mores chunk candle & chunk tarts and a Baby Powder (blue for boys) container chunk candle and tart. I will post pics tomorrow if ya all want to see them.

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I use the pillar blend and the 402 soy wax as the overpour. They turn out but don't seem as pretty as some I have seen.I think those are pariffin candles. I did use brown as my chunks and not as pretty as I wanted and should have made them darker.That way the chunks would stand out.

Still going to work on these more. Want something different than a solid color candle.


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