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My first adventure with an alkanet root infusion (in olive oil), in HP soap.

I made the infusion really strong & it whiffed a bit so I used more fo than I would usually but now I think I used a wee bit too much.

Scented with Oriental Rose from a U.K supplier.

The soap lathers really well tho the lather is a little purple, but it doesn't stain.

Next time I use alkanet I'll try it in CP & not such a strong infusion just to see what happens.

I broke the screen on my camera recently so I can't see exactly what I'm snapping but this pic came out reasonably well.


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Hi Eugenia,

I used 4 tsp Alkanet root powder to 150 gms olive oil & infused it in my crock pot for a couple of hours.

The actual infusion is the most beautiful deep rosy plum as you describe.

In the recipe I then used 115 gms of the infusion straight in with all the others in the crock pot (it was only a 500gm test batch).

This batch is now a week old, still out in the open & showing no signs of fading.

I want to play with this again & again to see what different results I can get & then duplicate them for when I do sell my soaps.


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