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Anchor Hocking Prices?

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I'm shopping around for a new style jar and see a lot of people order from Anchor Hocking....Went to the site and no prices?

For the ones who order from them, is there a minimum you have to order?

Also if you could, the ones who do order from them could you put up here what style jars you order from Anchor Hocking and what price you pay just so I could have a starting point...Thanks.


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I've not ordered directly from them, but have talked with them and my area rep. They do have a minimum order of 25 cases...I don't remember if you can mix and match or not, but I think so.

First you'll need to call the company to get the name and contact number of the rep assigned to your area and discuss pricing with him/her. HTH

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Hey Trap

You need to call AH and ask for a representive. I have a great guy, who helps me with way more than jars! Anyways, I have to order 20 cases. I can mix and match. Not all my cases have the same amount in them. Some have 12 jars and some have 72, so it's not really by weight, just # of cases.

good luck


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