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I need help please


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Hi there, I'm making 8ml sprayer cologne for this boy he's 12 years old

and I need help with labeling name. What should I call it??

I'm drawing a blank. I have 3 scents I'd like to pour

Black Code

Albecrombie and Fitch (spelling?)

Weekend Burberry Type

Anyhow, I'm meeting him today and his dad was killed over in Iraq last year

and I guess he's difficult to get along with cause of what happened.

Anyhow, I thought I'd cheer him up with few goodies and I need like

a good line for this product.

Any ideas??



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Are you asking for a name in general for the spray or to rename the scents? If a name to call it other than body spray, my experience with this age group (I had to spend 3 yrs in middle school while waiting on a transfer) is that most are somewhere between girl crazy and sports. They all either fancy themselves as chick magnets or sports wannabees.

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