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How much can you write off mileage for supplies...


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I would say it would depend on your proof and how much you bend the "necessity" of making the trip. What I mean is ... if you live in Texas and want to go visit family in California and decide to stop off at a glass supplier while you're there, I don't think you could truly justify that it was a necessary business trip. However, if you live in northern Texas and drive across the border to Oklahoma to pick up jars & lids, that would probably pass without a hitch, even you had to add a meal or 2 to the bill (depending on the time/distance)

We've never traveled farther than 60 miles to pick up supplies and never counted a meal during the trip because again it just didn't seem reasonable and I don't want to give the IRS any reason to audit us :tongue2:

We've deducted mileage for years, and never once been questioned about it, but we keep it within what I would consider reasonable as stated above, and most trips have only been 20-30 miles and about 3-6 times a year.

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