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Vintage Wholesale Packaging Ideas


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I have been offered a wholesale account in an antique store...I love Antiques..my house if full of them...

The person who owns this store had been a faithful customer....She approached me at the farmers market and would like to carry my products in her vintage store..She sells antiques... She loves my products...:D

Can I run some ideas by you all for vintage appeal...

I am planning to do my soaps in soap boxes...Sage green with the leaf cut out...with a vintage type of label...

Other products offered will be solar salts in various colors to match scents in a 12 oz bottle with a vintage label

Mother Earth Clay Masks in tin containers

Tin lip balm containers

Tin perfume balms

Big glass jars filled with Bath Bomb bubblers and Bath Bomb Soaks and Bath Melts

Lotions and Hand and Foot balms

Whatta think...Any ideas

Hugs Mags

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Anything in a canning jar is good. Also, if you can find reproduction vintage tins, that would be good too. Ribbons of gingham, checks, stuff like that. Good luck to you!

Oh thanks more good ideas...I have some vintage glass canning lids and rings...too:D I thought of using these with mason jars and putting in liquid laundry soap...and they can return the jars for a refill...

Keep them coming ladies

Hugs Mags

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