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questions about topping off paraffin candles

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I can't seem to figure out the easiest way to do this.

When you're working with a paraffin that sinks at the wick and you have to do a repour, what do most of you do if you're pouring more than one scent?

Do you have containers set aside with a little bit of each wax and scent, remelt that little bit and then repour?

I might pour 7 to 10 different candles and I can't find a way to comfortably solve this problem. Seems like I have alot of little containers every where marked to go with certain scents, or I'm pouring only a couple of candles at a time.

I hope my question is clearer to everyone else, because reading back over this sounds very confusing to me.


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I use dixie cups...mark the scent on the side with a marker and pour my extra wax in. When I am ready to do the repour I pop the wax out of the dixie cup, cut it in half and drop it into my pour pot and set that in a pan of boiling water.

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