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Mixed My Waxes Accidentally

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I have two presto pots, one for my 4794 and one for my 4630. I'm about to make a bunch of testers and added my 4630 to the pot and realized I added it to the wrong one. There was about a fifth of the pot filled with the 4794 and now the rest is 4630. I don't know what I should do. Is it OK to make my testers if it isn't my formula which will be straight 4630?


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You wouldn't want to make candle jar testers with this blend, then have to retest all over again with the 4630 only....or you could make just one candle and see how you like it.

As Darbla mentioned, I would try the tarts unless the wickless sell well in your area.....they don't in mine, but tarts sell well in most areas, I would think. If you haven't made tarts yet and don't have molds, etc., pour 20 to 30 grams into a Dixie paper cup, stir in a gram or two of FO, a touch of dye on a toothpick and let harden, and check the consistency to see if they are as hard as you want them. If not, you might want to add more 4794 to the pot if you have room left and just make a pot full of tarts. You could try different amounts of the unmixed 4794 and 4630 'in a paper cup 'til you get the firmness and consistency and FO strength you want, then adjust the wax ratio amt.. in your Presto. If you have a Presto pot full (the Kitchen Kettle electric type), you could make over a hundred 1 oz tarts out of the wax you're trying to salvage.

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