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Bert's must haves !


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im gonna be placing an order monday can you all give me some reviews on these scents and tell me some must haves...

chocolate covered cherries

ultimate watermelon

andes thin mint


vs passionate kisses

coconut lime

vs heavenly


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If you do a search for "Bert's" by "title only"...and search in the fragrance forum... you'll come across what I remember to be a very LARGE thread about the oils. I don't remember if the posts were candle or BB specific, but I remember it going on forrrreeeeeeverrrrrr.

Oh, how my heart aches at the thought of another Bert's thread LMAO


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yeah i read all 52 pages lmao, but i think only the andes was mentioned in that thread.. i have done a few searches actually and i am still but my eyes are hurting i thought maybe it would just be easier this way lol

and alot of the ones that people were raving about im not seeing so they muct have been discontinued maybe

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I am testing the VS Heavenly right now in the 4627. I just poured it today and the cold throw is good. We'll see how the hot throw is tomorrow.

Also, the Passionate Kisses is a great seller for me. It does very well in the 4627.

I haven't tried any of the others that you mentioned. I'm gonna have to weed out some oils that I don't use, so I can make room for more!



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Christmas (Spiced) Pear

Vanilla Latte

Alpine Forest (?? I THINK this is the name-a great combo of balsam and citrus)

Peanut Butter Crunch (yum!)

Fig and Melon

Butter Pecan


Lemon Biscotti (definately!)

Strawberry and Champagne

Cinnamon Nutmeg Clove

Apple Cinnamon

Rosemary Verbena

Apple Dumpling

Jasmine Tea

Christmas Tree

I love Bert's! She's got a lot of great oils, and AWESOME CS!

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I just placed an order today and it shipped today. Amazing service. I really like her strawberry. I also like her sensational pine. Those two are getting added into my line up. I was not a fan of the spiced pear like everyone else, but I didn't hate it. The andes mint is super strong. I am trying a bunch more samples with this second order. Her Bayberry is good, but I am a staunch Peak's Bayberry fan, so it would be hard to convert me. I tested a few others like the cedar one. It was a nice scent, excellent throw, but wasn't a hit at home. Her angel dupe is a beautiful scent, but wasn't an exact dupe. I like SOS's better. I plan to try OT's next. I think her oils are really excellent.

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I have been looking for an apple pie replacement and Bert's Apple Dumpling is awesome !!! Just finished testing it and will be adding it to my line.

I have recently added:

Chistmas Pear (I renamed it)


Tea Lea & Grapefruit (love it but it is only a temporary scent choice :( )

I have the lemon biscotti pie in the testing process CT awesome I will be lighting today for HT, I also have the mac apple poured into a tart that will be next. I thought that smelled kinda strange OOB but will not judge quite yet.

Oh and her Love Spell is a very good dupe too :wink2:

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