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Essential Oil (Price Increase)


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Outrageous!!! Was going to place an order with Camden Grey for Lavender & Peppermint essential oils the price jumped from last week.

Lavender was $226 last week, today $253 10lbs

Peppermint was $219 " " today $245 10lbs

Was kind of waiting to see if they had some sort of sale, but at this rate I better order soon!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know of any better deals out there?

Forgot to add that they are OOS on the Peppermint

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It's probably more the overall transportation costs than the cost of the actual product that's causing their price to you to increase. They have to pay more to get the oils shipped to them. They have to pay more to get containers shipped to them.

Increased shipping costs are killing all of us.

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