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Candle Party - question


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Now that I have my candles out in stores people are starting to ask about home parties. I have 2 booked already. I have figured out my percentages for the hostess, gifts and door prizes. BUT - I can't figure out how many different scents to make up. I'm leaning towards making top ten scents then providing a list of all the scents available so that if someone has a favourite smell not there it can be ordered.

For those of you who do parties how many scents do you make up?

I make Soy candles, tarts, tealights, bath salts, tub truffles and soap. I also have tart warmers and votive holders.

I have put baskets together, (salts, soap, candle) (truffles, soap, candle) (tealights, tarts, warmer) (votives and votive holder)

Plus have single product.

Just the scent question driving me crazy!!! Can't possibly make all the scents I have but don't want to have too few choices.....Help!!!

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I would stick to 10-12 scents. I just had my first party last weekend (only 4 people showed up, plus the hostess). I had a TON of stock from this past spring and winter and only sold a few things, but 2 of them had never tried my stuff before. I also had 1 party booked.

I think it is great to have cash and carry because then people won't have to wait for their stuff and you won't have as many orders to fill. When I get a bit more steady with these parties I would like to carry the 10-12 scents and add just 1-2 seasonal ones.

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