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M&P recipe advice needed please....


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I made a batch with the following recipe. My problem is that the bars are a bit brittle and crumbly when you get to the center. Instead of bending when they get thin they break and crumble.

I am not sure what is doing it. Now they do have a very bubbly and creamy lather which is very nice.

1lb SFIC shea base

1 TB shae butter

1 TB CO (76)

2 TB liquid ivory (for bubbles till I get my glycerin)

1 tsp. vanilla lavender FO

Any and all help would be appreciated. I am quite new to adding things. I was kinda making a similar batch with out the liquid soap, it didn't have a great bubbly lather but was softer. Should I maybe cut back on the ivory?



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I think your recipe looks great.. not sure what your culprit is for the hard crumbly center.. but how much use do you get out of the bar before it gets to that point? If it's plenty then I wouldn't even worry about the end of the bar. Using liquid soap is a great sub for your glycerine and your other ingredients look fab! You might try another type of liquid soap to see if it still does the same thing~

dgotts1 I've always been one to add more than a T of additive to a pound of base and trust me, if you add the right stuff you won't be missing ANY lather or bubbly! ;) Especially if you use a good quality base!

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PA.... I do seem to get a good amount of time out of the bar.... but it has a lot left when it crumbles. Like it should still be holding together. Ivory is the only liquid I have that isn't really scented. I do have some B&BW stuff. Maybe I will try that. Oh I just remembered I have B&BW vanilla lavender LS. OH I am really happy now as that is the FO I wanted to use!!:D

I read, read and read some more on this site to get the ideas. Many of your posts!! LOL

dgotts1.... not sure what FCO is. Oh wait, it just hit me. To add hardness and lather to the bar. It works too. I first made bars with only FO and color. Additives really make it much nicer.

Off to the kitchen to experiment some more!!

**running away giggling childishly**

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Well I never tried adding liquid ivory to my soap recipe before. But if I did I would not start out adding 2 TBS to a pound of base.

Also, I find I have problems with my soap if I add more than 1 tsp of CO to my soap. 1 tsp is plenty to make a bar hard and lather up nice.

Also, you can add more FO. For 1 lb I add at least 2 tsp or 1 TBS depending on how strong the FO is.

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For harder bars I would skip the FCO and use a bit of vegetable stearic melted in. Also, where did you get your base from? It can make a difference. There is one place (very local to you and me) that I refuse to buy anymore MP soap base from. The lather was horrible and the soap base was crumbling in my hands as I was trying to cut it!! :shocked2: I'd never had that happen before! What I used to do for a nice creamy hard bar was melt some stearic in with the soap base, then once melted mix a bit of goat's milk powder with sweet almond oil and then add that to my melted soap and mix well. Then I would add my fragrance/color and pour into molds. Maybe try that and see what you think! :D

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The recipe I just made is....

1lb sfic shea base from kangaroo blue

1 tb shea

1 tb CO

1 tb B&BW vanilla lavender LS

1 tsp vanilla lavender FO

I don't have any of the fun ingredients that you all are mentioning. I do want to start to play with GM. I was told I can get GM concentrate from WallyWorld. I am hoping that is true.

The soaps I made before without the liquid soap did not have the brittle problem. They didn't seem to last as long as I wanted though and didn't have enough bubbly lather. Those had OO in them also. They also came from the same batch of Shea base from Kangaroo Blue.

Back to the kitchen to make some candles.

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If it were me, I'd cut back on the Coconut oil and see if that helps. I think the rest looks good.

How does the Ivory work as far as moisturizing? When I used it alone long ago it dried my skin terribly. Does

the glycerin balance it out?

Sorry you posted 1 minute before I saw you did cut back on the CO!!!!

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The bars I made that were brittle were very nice in the moisturizing area. You still get the squeaky clean feel in the shower but when you dry off your skin is soft. I am happy with everything except the brittle middle.

Next batch I will cut down on the CO a bit. My DH needs more soap, I will do the next experiment on him! LOL

I will keep you all posted on tonights experiment.

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I made a batch on 6/20 for my DH...

1 lb shea base

1 TB shea

1/2 TB CO

1 TB liquid ivory

1 tsp Black Irish FO

So far he likes it... we will wait till to get to the middle of the bar to see what his is like.

For myself I made.... (6/19)

1 lb shea base

1 TB shae


1 TB B&BW vanilla lavender liquid soap

1 tsp vanilla lavender FO

12 drops color

For mine I just cut back on the LS and changed brands... I will see if that makes a difference. So far I really like it. Very creamy and bubbly, moisturizing. We will see when we get to the middle.

I will pick up some GM at wallyworld and check around for the glycerin. Hopefully it is there.

I also want to get new colorings. I only have liquid soap dye that isn't very vibrant. I was thinking of some oxides. I think that is what they are... the kinda metalic looking ones.

I have so much to learn.... I am hoping to graduate to making my own. Need way more research for that.

Have a great one and I will report back when we get to the middle of our soaps. **every time I type that I think of tootsie pops**


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I finally got to the center of my bar.... the entire time it was a hard very bubbly bar. It got much thinner than the last batch before it cracked. Still seems a bit brittle. If I can get it a bit softer it will be perfect!!

I am going to cut the CO in 1/2 and see how that is. Or maybe add a bit of an oil. Maybe grapeseed. Playing is so much fun!!

I still have not purchased any glycerin but it is on my list.

My DH got to the middle of his... it was very small and not quite as brittle as mine. He likes his softer though so it can conform to his body! Silly man!

Have a great 4th everyone.... I am off to get ready for some partyin' and fireworks!!

OH... how long do you all expect to get out of an everage size bar of soap using it once a day in the shower??

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