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WCT, suppose to be snug or just rest?

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Fairly snug is better because it's more reliably centered. Sometimes the manufacturing of the jar itself will throw it off, but a good fit is your best bet.

They can do some custom sizing of the tool if you need it, but get some wide rubber bands first and see if you can adjust the fit that way.

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Oh I thought we were talking about the contraption that inserts wick assemblies. I see the question is about the plus-sign-shaped things with the wick holes.

Those shouldn't move around too much either. If you got samples I think they might have come with the "adapters" that sometimes help with odd sizes. They're little pieces of clear vinyl hose that slip onto the 4 ends of the WCT to take up some space.

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I meant to update yesterday, or edit my message but could not figure out how to edit it.

Robert was sweet enough to have me call him, or him call me to help me out. It needs to be snug and for some reason my apothecary jars are just a tad too small for the large yet too large for the medium. Robert told me about the clear tube trick and I will be getting some of that this afternoon. I am sure that will work just perfect.

The tools look great and I can't wait to use them!! I am sure it will cut down on my wick fustrations :)

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