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Cinnimon Type FO's


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I use GB 415...

I have had a very hard time getting a true cinnimon smell when burning...

It is hard to explain the smell, its like it is muted,,if that makes any sence...

I burned mostly Yankee before I started making my own..

for instance Home Sweet Home..in Yankee you can really smell the Cinnimon...but if you buy a dupe of it and put it in soy it seems that cimmimon smell is just not there..it not the same...

So I am wondering if it is just the soy that causes this..

I will give another example...I bought Fickers. Cider Snap,,,out of bottle you can really smell the cin..in a tart you can smell the cin. but you put it in a candle with a wick..and the cinnimon smell is totally different..

Does any one else notice this too..

or is it just me..:wink2:

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