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In theory....

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Nothstar offers "Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oils". They state the oils can be used at a lower rate (1/2) w/equal throw to regular oils.

If, in fact, this is true then what affect would this have on mushrooming and/or sooting issues that sometimes come up? Too much oil can cause both of these problems.

And, is the HT the same using this lower rate?

Hmmmm...working with it now and will report back. Anyone have any experience with these?:)

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In my testing over the years, a lot of suppliers 'say' their FO's are ultra, super, whatever stronger than the next guy, but that isn't necessarily so. The only way you're gonna know this is by testing in your specific wax. The majority of my FO's can get away with using 1/2 or 1 oz./lb, but a few will still take

1-1/2 oz/lb. in order to get a great throw.

As far as the sooting & wick mushrooms only testing will tell if the lower FO rate will help you. Good luck! :cool2:

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I've used a few of their scents. (Fresh Cut Tulips is one of my favorites) For whatever reason I've never thought to actually decrease the amount I'm using just because they say they are stronger. I use them at the normal 6 - 9%. I have never had them soot at all, unless I wicked too high. And I haven't noticed them mushroom anymore than other scents either.


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You may find that you like the results from one supplier better than another, on the average, but it will never be across the board. The biggest difference in throw is between one fragrance and another, not between suppliers.

Everybody has some ridiculously strong scents and some weak ones, because they're made of different stuff. Everybody has at least some FOs that you can use at half an ounce, but nobody has (for instance) an Apples & Oak that you can use at that level.

The "top tier" FOs are perfectly worth trying, but in the end it's a matter of buying from the suppliers that have the scents you need and evaluating each FO individually for fragrance quality, throw and burn characteristics.

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Oh, about whether it can be better to use less fragrance oil...

It's certainly possible to use too much and some people habitually dump in some arbitrary amount, often a truckload, regardless of what FO it is. I don't think that's such a professional approach.

The testing is what it's all about. You find a fragrance you like and want to use. You see what usage rate produces the results you're looking for. You see if you can design a good burning candle with that amount.

Using lower amounts can often produce a better burn, but some FOs burn kinda crummy even at 1/2 oz pp and with others you can use more and they work just fine. Some types of candles (based on wax and other things) can't cope with as high a fragrance load as others, and for those it's especially helpful to scout out the strongest throwing FOs.

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Thanks for replies.

So far mixed bag:

Strawberry blows you out of the room at 1/2 the normal rate I use in this line of FO. There is less mushrooming.

Blue Denim strong, but not as strong.

Have several more to test, but have to concentrate on orders now.

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