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Summer Medley 6 swirl from start to finish!(dial up warning)


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thought I would show pictures from start to finish for a change

Summer Medley from Indiana Candle Supplies

colors are BC neon gel tones, and Southern Soapers neon oxides


in the pot swirl


in the mold swirl


step 2 for swirl


cutting the soap with the cutter my dad made for me


all finished!!


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A perfect blend of fruits that screams summer. Sweet oranges, ripe strawberries, sliced lemons, lime juice, grapefruits and red raspberries. A wonderfully unique, strong scent.

I figured since it had about every fruit in it might as well put about every color in it too!

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ha I know 30 lbs is a ton

he doesn't do things simple, lol

I think he likes working with steel the best, though even he said if he builds another one he would try a different material to make it with.

Hey as long as I get straight cuts I am happy, the mytar(spelling?) box cutter and I didn't get along very well

by the way this is one strong scent, I have 1 bar sitting at my desk at work to show around and you can smell it from across the room.

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