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mold volume Question


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I just got some of the molds from Tony's, how do you figure how big of batch to make. It's kinda got me stumped (doesn't take much) lol. It says on their site that each bar will be 4.8 to 5oz. Should I just go by this and times by how many bars I want?

Or maybe one of you great, helpful people could just tell me how much you make for them :o ?



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They are the half-round cavity molds, right? I fill mine to the top and they are 5 oz. each so that would be 30 oz of raw soap for each mold. Not knowing whether you do a water discount or anything...play around with a soap calc to get the right amount for how many molds you want to fill.

I always keep a couple single cavity molds out when I'm soaping just in case I have any over-pours.

I LOVE my Tony's molds...for salt bars especially.

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I use them for salt bars and other specialty soaps.

Once you figure out the right way to unmold them,

they just roll out to you! LOL

I had pictures around somewhere...a small tutorial on unmolding them...I'll see if I can figure out where I posted them. It was a while ago.

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