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Any reviews on some of NG's new scents?


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Pearamel - balance of pear and caramel. very nice

Sparkling Clean

Pumpkin Apple butter

Lavender Apple -

French Lavender - I can't remember why but I did not like this one, my daughter just said it was because it smelled like BO.

Fruit & Fun - to me this smelled like very strong fruit stripes gum

Crisp & Candied - very strong spiced, fruity smell

Black Berry Fizz - very good blackberry and you can kinda smell fizz...sounds funny I know!

Bananza - a banana coconut smell

Baby Clean

Aphrodisiac - YUCK!!! I can NOT even describe this stink. Even the lady at the desk hates it and can't understand why anyone would want to smell it.

I have not put any of these in wax... just smelled them. I wrote "not sure" on the lavender apple, sorry I didn't write a better description.


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Blackberry Fizz~~~~ Love this, strong throw ( paraffin)

Apple Cinnamon Struesal~~ Love this too!!!! Very strong in paraffin.

Aphrodesiac~ Now, I did like this, but hardly any throw :(

Hawaiian Suntan~~ just poured, smells really good, but haven't burned it yet.

Sparkling Clean~~ smells good, haven't poured it up yet.

Sorry, I don't know about the others.....yet :)

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I've only used one that you've listed,and I'm pouring with paraffin & beeswax

Pumpkin Apple Butter-was very good & strong and it did smell like pumpkin apple butter !

I also got Apple cinnamon struesel ,it's more spicy bakery

Apple dumpling-I Love this one,it's strong & spicy

I just hope it stays that way in wax :D

I also got spice of the forest,not sure if it's new :undecided it's ok,but it wasn't what I expected. I'll have to figure out what to do with it .

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