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EOs in Lip Balms


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I'm getting everything together to make my first lip balms and wanted to double check on how much EO to add. I have down to add less than 1% or 10 drops total per 3oz. Does this sound right? I know which EOs to use & avoid as well as which ones are FCC.


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I couldn't begin to tell you how many drops - that's not a standard measure by any stretch of the imagination - but I think less than 1% is a good guideline. It depends on the EO though. If you tell what you are looking to use maybe we can be more helpful.

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Actually, I have a long list of EOs. LOL!

- Sweet Orange, 5-fold

- Lavender

- Lemongrass

- Peppermint

- Lime (steam distilled)

- Rosemary

- Vanilla (I think this is mixed w/jojoba oil...have to double check cause I've seen so many)

- Rose (either absolute or Otto - both are not FCC, but it makes a nice "flavor")

- Coffee CO2 (can't remember if this is FCC)

- Bergamot FCF (not FCC, but safe to use in the sun)

- Ginger

- possibly cardamon & clove...not sure yet.

I like to eucalyptus, but I know that may be too strong. Plus, only eucalyptus smithii (sp) is safe for children & elderly, but I don't think it's FCC. I'm not making lip balms specifically for children or the elderly, but I want it to be safe just in case they use them.

BTW, I would love to use Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, & Mandarine, but I know they cause photosensitivity.

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